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Monday, October 13, 2008

My Hari Raya Experience......

I had celebrate my Eid-Mubarak was very simple. But I enjoyed it because all my relatives have returned back to the village. One week before Hari Raya my mum had call me and give two bad news, the first is that my mum told me that the tailor had made mistake with by "baju kurung". So sad..huhuh... I was upset but I don't care because I just want to celebrate my Raya with my family. And the second news is that my mum told me that she had an accident, but nothing serious happened. My father spend his money about five hundreds to repairs his car. When I want returned to my village on September 26, the bus come late and my parents were worried about my,
On morning of Aidilfitri, my father took us to the mosque to prayer "Solat Sunat Hari Raya", at the mosque I will saw many kinds of people, after that I come back to home and ready to get forgiveness among my family members. After I have ask forgiveness with my parents, I went to my grandmother house, it's about ten minutes from my house..there are my far! hehehe.. when I was there I meet my cousins they are so handsome and cute, huhu..long time not grandmother and my cousins have give me "duit raya".. father also took me to the cemetry to visit my grandparents and my little cousin. I love them so much!! on the second Hari Raya I only waiting at home for my relatives, I have many cousins and they are so kind to me. At night they stay at my home and we all play fire crackers, same as last Hari Raya..huhuuh...On third days my auntie had invite my family to her house, she had made "lontong" so delicious.. On the fourth day we have all the friends and our relatives to come our house..they are so many guest came to my usual I and my sis need to help my mum, I'm so tired at that day.. I'm really enjoy on that day..hihihi..but I'm very sad because I had to come back to dungun. But this Hari Raya I only get below hundred for my "duit raya". miss my family so them so much.muaahxxs. thats all I can write, Insyallah next time I will post my blog. thanks..

Monday, August 4, 2008

How UiTMT can improve their english...

Nowadays English is very important in our life. Everyone needs to learn English to improve their language. now for those wants to find a job, they need to know how to speak and how to write in English because they are very important. There are many ways that UiTMT can improve their English very well.

One of the ways is they should read a lot of english materials. For example magazines, newspapers, novels and many more. From their reading, they can learn more vocabulary and finds more new words. From that they also can improve on their writing in english. that is why they have to read more english materials.

Another ways is they should always use their dictionary. With dictionary they can find the meanings of the words that they do not understand or they do not know. Dictionary is very useful because there are many uses of the dictionary. You also can learn how to spell that words and the uses of the words. There is reason why they should use their dictionary.

Others ways, they must try to communicate or speak in english with their friends, lecturers, or with someone else, even though they will use broken english. At least they try to improve their english. They needs a lot of practice to speak english. They should involve in public speaking, coral speaking. From that they will improve their english.

Then they needs set in their mind that english is not difficult. Everyone can learn english if they wants. It will be difficult for those do not learn english. They are many ways for them to learn english. They have to set in their mind that english is interesting.

As a conclusion, UiTMT can improve their english in many ways, for example they needs to reads a lot of english materials, they must always use dictionary, they needs to speak in english and set in their minds that english is not difficult. If they follow this ways they will be good in english.

Monday, July 21, 2008

What I have learnt today in Bel 260 class..

Today I start my class with Interpersonal Communication class, this morning I have quiz but I'm not really ready..after that I have business records was so bored because i do not really understand but in Bel 260 class I have presentation about Present Continuous tense....actually I'm so nervous because I'm not ready yet...I also learn about simple present tense..In present tenses how to use base verb, singular verb, 'be' verb and (-V) statement, for example

verb to do + not +base verb... 'be' verb + not + the rest of sentence.. I got knowledge from the presentation that my friends and i do..that's all I can create here because I have to go back to my college....bye...

Monday, July 14, 2008


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  • I'm Nurin Amilin bt Aminuddin Baki..

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